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Our story

Through coaching and consulting CARIFIC provides creative strategic solutions for entrepreneurs and executes projects and programmes for international organizations, private corporations, state agencies, and NGOs. 


CARIFIC was born out of a desire for Caribbean-owned fashion businesses to increase their competitiveness and ability to survive changing economic trends and to consequently thrive globally. This desire was spawned in 2008 from our foray into sectoral development through a regional EU-funded Private Sector Development Program in which the focus was on SMEs, clusters and non-traditional economic sectors.

Key successes were streamlining the Jamaican fashion sector and establishing an industrial Fashion Cluster, providing entrepreneurial support for 180 entities, building empowering synergies, re-igniting national pride in local creativity, unearthing hidden talent and propelling business growth based on collaborative approaches.


Since that time our entrepreneurial expertise, scope and reach have been expanded to serve businesses in all sectors. 


How we see ourselves!

At CARIFIC we are steadfast in our belief that the Caribbean can become a more competitive force to be reckoned with through creativity, strategy and collective effort. We envision ourselves to be the premier regional Business Development Consultancy and Transformative Force which successfully merges the creative with the commercial to produce powerful Caribbean businesses and a strong creative alternative to Caribbean development efforts.

What we do!

Our mission is to accelerate the development of successful, profitable and sustainable enterprises, transposing them from survivors to leaders in today’s dynamic business environment. We do this by helping individuals and organizations on personal and business levels through coaching, consulting, mentoring, facilitation and project management. We work together exploring untapped potential while exploiting the power of strategy, systems and collaboration.

We are problem solvers! 

We are still fashion builders!

We are the driving force behind the transformation and success of the fashion industry in the Caribbean. We execute programs and events aimed at streamlining the sector, facilitating entrepreneurial development, generating income and global expansion, influencing policy and unifying stakeholders locally and regionally.

Our Uniqueness!

We are unique because of our inimitable mix of experience on both the practitioner and consultant levels which include:

  • Over thirty years of practical industry experience in the areas of designing, manufacturing, retailing and consulting

  • Sector development at the national level

  • Business development consulting at the enterprise and individual levels

  • Experience in executing projects for International Development Agencies

  • Life-changing 1 on 1  and group coaching for sustained success

What we stand for!

Our core values are unwavering principles that guide our internal conduct and relationship with our clients.  At CARIFIC we believe in:

  • Excellence – We pride ourselves in delivering beyond expectations at all times. We set high standards for ourselves and our clients.

  • Integrity - We do right! We do what we say and say what we do. We walk our talk.

  • Honesty – We thrive on the truth. We practise and expect in return honesty in word and deed.

  • Collaboration – We believe that when two or more come together intent on accessing answers and supporting each other ​ something magical happens that produces access to ideas and information that alone neither can find.

  • Creativity – Unexplored paths, unbridled vision and unexpected methods bring unmatched results for and from our clients and keep us all anchored in the realm of possibility.  ​

  • Respect – Respect for yourself is respecting others. We mirror our desires in our communication and interactions.

  • Lifelong learning – Life never stops teaching because Life never stops changing. We teach and we learn forever. We share knowledge and in so doing gain knowledge.

  •  Objectivity - We focus on the client’s need without any agenda of our own, listen carefully and communicate openly and honestly 

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