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“You can only drive real change if you have a collaborative mindset” Karl-Johan Persson, CEO, H & M.


As the premier capacity building hub in the creative sector with over 30 of experience, we deliver transformative solutions that address the vital needs of the industry. Our aim is to accelerate the development of profitable and sustainable fashion enterprises, transposing the industry from local to global in focus. We do this by helping our creative entrepreneurs to exploit the power of strategy, collaboration, continuous learning and mentorship. Our goal is to help them to organize, strategize and globalize, thus strategically repositioning Caribbean fashion in the global fashion economy.

Who benefit?

Fashion entrepreneurs and other industry stakeholders. 



What we focus on:  


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capacity building 

Workshops offering opportunities for Start-ups and business leaders to learn and apply tools and techniques from experts

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strategic planning

Facilitating the creation of strategies, goals and action plans to ensure a path to growth and success

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product development

Promoting quality assurance for improving marketability and unearthing new perspectives for widening income streams

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marketing and branding

Building a corporate identity and developing effective marketing strategies

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Understanding the ABCs of exporting, trade show participation and export planning

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event cordination

Conceptualization and cordination of events that raise company/industry profile and generate incomeI’m a paragraph.

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The Benefits?

  • You better understand your viability, scalability, profitability

  • You acquire knowledge, effective tools and techniques for enhancing your operations

  • You adopt a strategic approach to developing your business

  • You focus your efforts at being competitive and profitable

  • You work within realistic timeframes and targets

  • You build higher quality products with quality management processes control and quality assurance techniques to meet local and global expectations

  • You think outside of the box and innovate

  • You appreciate the value of collaboration

  • You develop an entrepreneurial mindset and winning attitude

Let’s talk about how we can help you achieve your objectives. Click here

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