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Welcome to CARIFIC, the Caribbean’s premier Transformative Force which successfully merges the creative with the commercial to produce powerful Caribbean businesses and a strong creative alternative to Caribbean development efforts.

I am Glenda, a Dream-Builder, otherwise called a Business Development Consultant, Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Coach, Mentor and Owner/Managing Director of CARIFIC. Regardless of the nomenclature, my belief is that: “All the things we do in business, pleasure or spirituality are not an end unto them self but in fact constitute the building of our own Dream (or nightmare). My purpose is to build Dreams and I do so wearing any hat.

My early incarnation as a practising economist and researcher along with my background in Spanish and International Relations has benefitted the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC); the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD); the EU and CARICOM. Notwithstanding the success and gratification that this brought to me, I have never been able to resist the pull of Fashion which engulfed me from childhood.

After having owned and operated two manufacturing and retail establishments in the fashion industry for over twenty years, I decided in 2007 to expand my areas of expertise into Consulting, the core of which centres around Organizational Development, Strategic Planning and Project Management. This very rewarding aspect of my calling commits me to assist Private Enterprises, State and Funding Agencies, Entrepreneurs and NGOs in achieving their strategic objectives of promoting entrepreneurship and building sustainable and profitable businesses thus enhancing the prosperity and well-being of nations. I facilitate and implement public and private developmental initiatives that focus on Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Clustering, Business Growth, Innovation, Competitiveness and Sustainability. among SMEs. I also partner with high-level management consulting teams to service the strategic needs of large corporate, regional, governmental, academic institutions and NGOs in areas not specific to fashion.

I have served as a Director on the Board of the National Entrepreneurship Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NEDCO), the Association of Female Entrepreneurs of Trinidad and Tobago (AFETT) and the Fashion Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FATT) among others and volunteer for the Growing Leaders Foundation (GLF).

A new realm embraced me when I became a World Bank/infoDev-accredited Facilitator for the Women Innovators of the Caribbean Acceleration Program in Trinidad and Tobago. As of that moment I became a part of a unique and powerful network of like-minded change-makers  bent on empowering other Caribbean women. I uphold the motto of my Alma Mater “Non nobis solum sed omnibus” a Latin phrase meaning ‘Not only for ourselves but for others”

I hold a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership and Organization (Malmö University, Sweden), a Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations (UWI) and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Spanish (UWI). I also possess advanced certification in Project Management (University of New Orleans), Professional Adult Training (Loyola University) and Business Incubator Management (World Bank/infoDev). I am a member of the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

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