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Thursday 4 July 2019  9:00am - 4:30pm

ECA (Employers Consultative Association)

17 Samaroo St. Aranguez roundabout, North, Aranguez.

Move from This

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 To this

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This practical 1-day workshop is for you if you as a woman entrepreneur are:


  • Serious about growing your businesses profitably and sustainably

  • Tired of setting goals and not reaching them

  • Want to know how to strategize for success

  • Bent on realizing a tangible increase in your  bottom line SOONER rather than LATER

  • Resolute about a lifestyle of freedom

It's time to turn those dreams into reality!

You will learn:

  • What you must do to avoid moving in too many directions at the same time

  • How to move business goals out of your head and into action

  • The 3 keys and 4 elements to developing a winning strategy

  • The number 1 thing entrepreneurs overlook in creating a strategy

  • Why most entrepreneurs struggle to implement their plans and how to avoid the same struggles

  • The 10 reasons why strategies fail and what you must do to ensure yours doesn’t

  • The 5 traits you must cultivate to become a strategic entrepreneur

Plus you will receive:

  • Access to proven tools and templates to create your own strategy at the workshop

  • Instruction and personal feedback from a certified consultant with 30+ years’ experience

  • Ongoing support after the workshop for putting your plan into action

So you'll walk away with:

  • A winning strategy for at least one area of your business

  • A holistic, practical framework for immediately developing and implementing effective strategies moving forward

  • Proven and easy-to-use templates and tools for developing a strategy

  • Improved strategic thinking and planning skills

  • Immediate access to ongoing support to implement your action plan


"The breakdown of the entire concept of Strategic Planning and step by step journey from beginning to end".

"Support offered after the course".

"The activities, individual and group".

"I like that it is practical and immediately implementable".

"The workshop was very interactive and fun to participate". 



"The instructor was clear in expressing all the topics covered"

Meet Our Facilitator

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Glenda Joseph-Dennis

Glenda is an independent Business Development Consultant,

certified Entrepreneurial and Personal Development Coach

and a World Bank/InfoDev-accredited facilitator.

Her practice as an entrepreneur, consultant and coach

combine to give her over thirty years of experience in the SME sector

assisting entrepreneurs, medium and large corporate, international, regional,

government and academic institutions in promoting entrepreneurship and building

sustainable businesses. As Managing Director of CARIFIC  Coaching and Consulting Ltd

she conducts internationally funded developmental projects business acceleration programs,

workshops, masterminds, group and individual coaching. She particularly enjoys supporting

women entrepreneurs in getting clear on who they are internally, what they want in life, and

translating this into profitable businesses, driven from passion and excelling through

strategic and concerted action.


Glenda holds a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership and Organization (Malmö University, Sweden) among other qualifications, has served as a Director on several Boards including the National Entrepreneurship Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NEDCO), The Association

of Female Entrepreneurs of Trinidad and Tobago (AFETT), the Fashion Association of

Trinidad and Tobago (FATT) and volunteers for the Growing Leaders Foundation (GLF).

Are you ready to invest in a life of freedom NOW?

 Are you ready to start achieving your long-desired goals?

Are you ready to see a tangible increase in your  bottom line NOW?

It's as easy as the click of a button!     

Regular individual: $700

Bring along a friend: $600 each

Group of 3 persons: $575 each


Previous Carific event attendee: $575

Directions to the ECA

From the west, take the exit to Aranguez-El Socorro access road (after Courts, obliquely opposite DHL. Drive east towards Aranguez Main Rd. (road turns left at the end).  Turn left onto Aranguez Main Rd. Short drive north. Pass Samaroo Road (second street on right that leads off from the roundabout) and turn right on Rhambhau Street 3rd right). The carpark is at the back of the building on Rambhagu street. The front of the building is on Samaroo St at the roundabout. (If you pass DHL take the roundabout exit before the flyover towards Samaroo Rd.).

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From east and south, take Aranguez exit, go over the overpass, go around the roundabout and bear left onto Samaroo Rd and continue east towards Aranjuez Rd.

Turn right onto Aranguez Rd and then turn on first right onto Rambhagu street. The carpark is at the back of the building on Rambhagu street. The front of the building is on Samaroo St at the roundabout.

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