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 “Going fast is not as important as going in the right direction” Unknown.

Who benefit?

Entrepreneurs and Corporate Clients who want to make sure that their business plan takes them in the right direction profitably and sustainably.


What we do for you:

Business development services revolve around Entrepreneurial and Corporate support for the most critical needs of clients. We offer:


  • Entrepreneurship development Programs (A series of workshops offering opportunities for startups and business leaders to learn and apply tools and techniques from experts and peers)

  • Strategic Planning (we take the mystery, awe and agony out of creating strategies, goals, action plans)

  • Plan Implementation Assistance (We create structures and processes/organize and systemize operations for monetizing the plan)

  • Capacity Building (We facilitate the development of necessary business skills, knowledge and attitude to propel you from ordinary to extraordinary)

  • Product Development (we raise awareness and unearth new perspectives for improving marketability and widening income streams)

  • Supporting Growth-oriented Women Entrepreneurs (we also pay additional attention to women who are serious about operating beyond their comfort zones) (not sure if to include this)



  • Facilitation

  • Business Coaching

  • Personal Coaching

  • Seminars and Workshops

  • Mentoring


The Benefits?

  • You develop an entrepreneurial mindset and winning attitude

  • You adopt a strategic approach to developing your business

  • You focus your efforts at being competitive and profitable

  • You work within realistic timeframes and targets

  • You acquire effective knowledge, tools and techniques for enhancing your operations

  • You build higher quality product with quality management processes control and quality assurance techniques to meet the customer expectations

  • You think outside of the box and innovate




Let’s talk about how we can help you achieve your objectives. Click here

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